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dlexpert's Journal

The Disneyland Expert
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Welcome to dlexpert, a community dedicated to Disneyland Park. This is the "official" community of the self-proclaimed Disneyland Expert, seanutbutter.

Only Disneyland is mentioned/discussed here. By this I mean that Walt Disney World and any other Disney theme park are seldom, if ever, mentioned. This also means that any mention of Universal Studios is frowned upon.

Members and non-members cannot post. While this seems somewhat unfair, seanutbutter is the only member allowed to make posts here. However, if you have an idea for a new post, please comment here and she will take it into consideration.

Topics Found in dlexpert:
• Articles on various Disneyland attractions.
• Discussions involving members.
• Picture posts.
• Trip reports, rate-the-attraction, Disneyland news, and more.

Please note that all entries are friends-only, so you must join in order to attain the full experience.

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